Company Profile 


Beijing  Advanced Memory Technology Co., Ltd(AMT) is committed to the development and production of storage products equipped with the latest storage PCM (phase change storage) technology. It is the first private enterprise in China to obtain patents for IBM core integrated circuit technology. Based on this, the company has developed itself and has the ability to make lasting innovations. It has become one of the few companies in the world that has phase change memory core technology and independent intellectual property rights after Micron and Samsung.

The company has an excellent mature PCM product development professional team. The team is composed of semiconductor experts from the United States, Taiwan, China and other places. It is an international elite talent combination. AMT has Beijing R&D Center, American R&D Center, Taiwan R&D Center, Hong Kong R&D Center and Huai'an Production Base. It has gathered different R&D functions and advantages and laid out a unique intellectual property protection system. At present, the company has the permanent use rights of nearly 400 PCM-related patents, and is committed to building a national brand of PCM memory. Nearly 160 people from overseas have advanced degrees. Most of them have professional engineers with 10-25 years of experience in 12-inch factories such as Taiwan Powerchip, TSMC, UMC, and Maode. Among them, engineers with more than 15 years experience have about 50 members.

The first 2 Mbit electrically erasable programmable read-only phase change memory based on phase change material was released in August 2019. This is a major event in the history of the development of the integrated circuit industry in Jiangsu. It marks that we have broken the monopoly of foreign technology, mastered the core technology of phase change memory and realized the commercialization of mass production.  

The company will continue to increase investment in research and development, and accelerate the pace of industrialization. In the future, it will continue to introduce large-capacity series of storage products, such as: high-density phase-change memory (3D PCM), tri-state content-addressable memory (TCAM), and smart memory, etc.The company will better meet the market demand and make phase change memory become Huai's “business card”, contributing to the overall development of the national storage industry.