Core Team 

Long Zhang / AMT & AMS Chairman 

Obtained his law degree from China law institute,  worked as law professional for more than 10 years. Now is the Chairman of both Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Company and Jiangsu Advanced Semiconductor Technology Company.  Mr. Zhang has strong management experience,  professional Lawyer background, and broad international collaboration experience.  Mr. Zhang started establishing A technological based conglomerate in 2004 and now is focusing on memory integrated circuit as the core technology and products with the goal to build a worldwide competitive integrated circuit company.    

Academician Xie Ming / AMT Board of Director

- Master of University of Southern California, EE Department

Established Cogent Systems Company and Fulgent Therapeutics Company in US

Board of Director on University of Southern California 

Academician of the National Academy of Engineering in USA

Ben B.J. Tseng, Ph.D./ AMT Executive Vice Chairman, AMS CEO

- BSEE, National Taiwan University, 1968

- MSEE & Ph.D., University of South Carolina, South Carolina, USA, 1974 & 1977

- Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS), Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, USA 1977-1980

- Adjunct Lecturer(客座), Graduate School of Engineering, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, USA, 1980-1995

- Department Manager of R&D, Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale, California, USA, 1980-1995

- Vice President of R&D, Powerchip Semiconductor, Taiwan, 1995-1999

- Senior Advisor to Chairman of the Board, TECO Group, Taiwan, 1999-2001

- Chief Advisor to Chairman of the Board, CANDO Corp., 2001-2004

- Vice President of Sales & Marketing/Corporate Spokesman, ProMOS Technology, 2005-2011

- Senior Advisor, TOPPAN Printing Co, LTD, Tokyo, Japan, 2012-2013

- Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Memory Technology, 2013-2018

- Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Memory Semiconductor, 2019-present

- Executive Vice Chairman, Advanced Memory Technology, 2013-present

- Chairman of Technical Committee, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA), 1997-1999

- Director, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA), 2008-2011

- Director, The Allied Association for Taiwan Science Park Industries, 2008-2011

Mr. Xing Meng / AMT Board of Director & AMS Deputy General Manager

Bachelor Degree from Nan Jing Technology Institute Mechanical Engineering Department

In Charge of AMS factory building and management

Manufacturing Director of De Xin Wireless Company, General Manager of Beijing De Xin Wireless Shenyang Factory, General Manager of Beijing Tian Di Rong Technology  

Mr. Cai Ming Xian / AMS Deputy General Manager

- Graduate of Taiwan Feng Jia University

- Has more than 20 years of experience in Taiwan Xin Zhu Science Park working with MOSEL and PROMOS, Experts in 300MM fab operations and strong management experience in process and manufacturing tools.

Now is in charge of AMS Fab process technology and manufacturing management

Chung H. Lam, Ph.D./ AMT CTO

Chung H. Lam received his B.Sc. at Polytechnic University of New York in 1978, his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987 and 1988, all in Electrical Engineering. Since joining IBM in 1978, Chung has taken responsibilities in various disciplines of semiconductor research, development and manufacturing including circuit and device designs as well as process integrations for memory and logic applications in IBM Microelectronic Division. In 2003, Chung transferred to IBM Research Division at T.J. Watson Research Center.  Chung  was named IBM Distinguished Engineers in 2007 . Since leaving IBM, he has served as Chief  Technology Officer of Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Co., Ltd.

Chung was a member of the Technical Committees for IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Work Shop, VLSI-TSA and IEDM Memory Technology. Currently, he serves in the Technical Committees for CSTIC and ITRS PIDS. Chung manages Phase Change Memory Research Joint Projects at T.J. Watson Research Center since 2004.  He has more than 250 granted US patents and published more than 65 technical papers.

Dr. Eric Tsou / AMT Board of Director & Vice President of Intellectual Property

- PhD. Degree from UCLA Chemistry Department

- Vice President of IBM E&TS Division in Chemical & Petroleum, Energy & Utility, and Technology Development & Manufacturing Director in Microelectronics Division

Before joining AMT is IBM Greater China Technology Alliance and Intellectual Property General Manager 

Mr. Yang Jian Hui / AMT Board of Director

- Bachelor Degree from Taiwan University EE Department, 

Master from MIT Management Institute 

Master of Arts from Shanghai East China Normal University

- International Business vice President of GE General Electric Company, in USA

- Executive Director of Singapore Xinhua Investment Co., Ltd.

Dr. Zhuang Hao Ren / AMT Vice President of New Technology Development

- Engineering Degree from Shanghai Technology Institute in 1982 and PhD. Degree from China Academy of Science and Japan Kyoto University Material Science Department

- Broad working experience in TDK, Fire-Rite, Infineon Technology, Intel, IBM, and GF

- Acquired broad experience in 7nm/14nm/28nm/32nm technology before joining AMT

- Published more than 100 patents and literatures

- In charge of 3D PCM development 

Mr. Wolfgang Hokenmair / President of AMT US Development Center

- Mater from Stuggart University Electronics Engineering Department, Germany

- 1997 joint Siemens and 2001 joined Qimonda/Infineon as Senior Engineer, Director of Design, and also function as Intellectual Property coordinator.

- Has more than 16 years of memory product design experience and also led IBM/Siemens technology transfer team.

- Joined AMT as Vice President of Product Design and President of AMT US Development Center currently designing first PCM NOR product.

Mr. Wang Jian Qun / AMT Vice President of Product Design

- Bachelor of University of Arkansas, Electronics Engineering Department, Master of University of California, Santa Barbara

- Lead IC design projects for TI, LSI Logic, and AMD

- Joined Su Zhou Macronics Electronics Company and led multimedia IC product development projects, Founded Su Zhou Gui Yong Technology Company and successfully developed many MP3 control chips.

- Joined AMT Beijing Development HQ in 2012 focusing on PCM product development.  Currently as Vice President of Product Design coordinating and manage all development teams.

Dr. Yu Zhu / Excutive Assistant to CEO

- Yu Zhu Received his Ph.D from University at Albany - The State University of New York. Research focused on ALD, CVD, PVD and plating process development and integration for IC BEOL application. 

- Worked at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center for 12 years. Research forcus on process development and integration for PCM. Lead the group to provide material characterization to key IBM R&D projects: 22nm PDSOI, 14nm FinFET, ETSOI, and PCM, MRAM, CNT, photovoltaic materials. Hold 20 US patents, and published 60 papers in journal and conferences, including Nature, Science, IEDM, VLSI. etc.

- TSMC department manager, lead the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) operation for the company. He is responsible for TEM support for RD development for 7nm, 5nm and 3nm, fab yield ramp, quality and reliability event etc.

Mr. Zhang Ming Feng / AMS Vice President of Technology Development

- Master of Taiwan Zhong Xing University Material Research Institute

- Broad experience as MOSEL, ProMOS, jing Yuan Guang Dian and Power Chip technology development manager. Has more than 20 years of technology development and process integration experience.

- Currently as AMS Vice President of Technology Development and Integration

Mr. Lee Zhen Bang / AMT CFO

- Graduate from Bradford University, England, with a registered accountant certificate from HK

- Worked as senior auditor at HLB Hogson Impey Cheng Limited in 2007 and Finance Manager at Neo Concept Limited in 2012

- Director of Finance for Global Hill Technology Company HK in 2014

- Director of Finance for AMT in 2016