Corporate Overview 

    Corporate Profile

    Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Corporation Ltd. (“AMT”) is a semiconductor company that designs, develops and manufactures Phase Change Memory (PCM)-based memory products. AMT’s key strength is its passion for technical innovation. 

    It is the first Chinese company that obtained PCM licenses from IBM, on top of which AMT has also developed its own IP patents. Besides Samsung and Micron, it becomes the third company owning independent PCM technology IP with sustainable innovation ability in the world. So far it owns ~400 PCM related patents with permanent use right. Our elite professional teams have years of technical & management experience in PCM/memory industry and international background. They are experts coming from notable semiconductor companies in US, mainland China and Taiwan, e.g. 

    Siemens, IBM, Micron, Hynix, AMD, etc. AMT is fully committed to building a national PCM memory brand in China through indigenous innovation and ecosystem collaboration. The total investment for PCM project is 13 billion Yuan with 4.3 billion Yuan allocated to its phase I. The first phase of the project is expected to achieve over two billion US dollars.

    PCM Technology and Market

    PCM is a non-volatile memory technology and known as the most mature technology for massive production among the new generation of memory technologies in industry. It is expected to be the memory technology standard in 21st century due to its scalability. The market outlook of PCM  is very promising. It can not only gradually replace most of mainstream memory products in future, but also penetrate into emerging markets such as big data, IoT and wearable, etc.