Ningbo AMT PCM project financing made significant progress

September 14, 2016 afternoon, the people around the country will usher in the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Li Li Group's chip project also ushered in a historic breakthrough in the company nearly two years of hard work and the majority of customers The AMT financing in Ningbo has finally achieved significant results, that is, the People's Government of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, and AMT signed a strategic cooperation agreement and the project landing cooperation agreement.

Ningbo AMT since its inception on the positioning of the high-tech light asset company, because there is no foundry production, the final decision in the construction of the factory in Ningbo PCM memory chip, the company since more than a year ago began to finance the purchase of equipment; integrated circuit equipment is extremely expensive, Financing is very difficult, without the government's strong input and support is very difficult to succeed; Jiangsu Province, China's IC industry as a leader in contact with the AMT in Ningbo, keenly aware of the development of a new generation of memory in Jiangsu, it is entirely possible Become China's fourth-generation storage base. As we all know, the state to spend 24 billion US dollars, a combined 150 billion yuan in Wuhan to build the Yangtze River storage, want to make Wuhan into a third generation storage base, Jiangsu Province, far-sighted, seize the first opportunity, can win greater support in the future , The final Huaian city government to undertake the project.

Huai'an PCM project in two phases, an investment of 3 billion yuan, mainly in the seed money into the government, build financing platform, to financial institutions, state-owned industry funds, international investment banks and other units to raise, AMT technology as the main condition, 51% of the future project shares; the project will invest 100 billion yuan later, will mainly attract the country's capital investment. Huai'an Project Phase I is expected to start in October and completed by the end of 2017, 2018 into the second half of production; Ningbo existing plant will be built into the company's global experimental center.

Ningbo AMT will take this historic opportunity to develop, and in the future focus on the following main business functions: First, independent research and development and sales of high-end products, production on the Huaian factory; Second, consolidated statements after the factory income; Of the proceeds of intellectual property rights; Fourth, future intellectual property rights authorized income. Ningbo AMT will no longer bear the cost of purchasing equipment, the cost will be greatly reduced, the business structure will be more reasonable, profit margins will greatly improve the future market earnings will be higher than before, while in the future AMT will still be based on market demand, In the domestic and government, industry giants, large companies such as cooperation in the plant, so that PCM storage technology in China to develop; Ningbo AMT will also make greater gains.

The following figure will show the future development of Ningbo AMT structure:


September 14 contract is only the beginning of the project, the project also need to higher approval, site evaluation, to undertake specific, etc., take time, but after all, "wind waves will sometimes direct Yunfan Ji Canghai", please look forward to!

     PCM project signing ceremony process:


Ningbo AMT Huai'an PCM factory project officially laid the foundation stone



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Ningbo AMT PCM project financing made significant progressSeptember 14, 2016 afternoon, the people around the country will usher in the traditional day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Li Li Group's chip project also ushered in a historic breakthrough

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