This Monday, the era of full core company on behalf of the Huaian semiconductor industry, and Huaian municipal government delegation to participate in the "Taiwan Huaian week" students will meet activities, and cooperate with the Huaian municipal government of Huaian shows in the semiconductor field to the Taiwan youth style. Yao Xiaodong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary General Leeson attended the event. Vice mayor Gu Kun presided over the event. Dr. Zou Yebo, deputy general manager of AMT company, attended the meeting on behalf of the company and the Huaian semiconductor industry.

    Huaian and Taiwan have had deeper exchanges in the economic and cultural fields. Huaian city especially attaches great importance to the Huai Taiwan Youth Exchange, the youth exchanges as an important part of "Huaian week" once a year, to show the culture of Huaian and the economic field style, especially in AMT company as a representative of the emerging Huaian semiconductor industry, and take the lead in Jiangsu province to promote the introduction of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship policies, and actively create cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship base, to attract outstanding young talent and investment to the huai.

    AMT is currently building a phase change memory (PCM) production facility in Huaian. This project has the full support and assistance of the Huaian municipal government. PCM is the latest generation of memory technology, the launch of Intel company before the date of the "flash Teng (Optane) series SSD memory is based on this technology. With its better performance and lower cost, PCM began to capture the international memory market. At present, the world's only Intel, Samsung and AMT company mastered the design, research and development of PCM technology and a full range of production processes. AMT's PCM plant in Huaian is expected to be put into operation in 2018.

Yao Xiaodong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, delivered a speech at the event.

Dr. Zou Yebo, deputy general manager of AMT company (front left 1), attended the meeting with Yao Xiaodong, Secretary of the Huaian Municipal Committee (front row, left, two).


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AMT/ Huaian hi tech Zone government exchange meeting was successfully held



AMT attended the 2017 Taiwan Huaian week college student meeting"

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