Today's ceremony, marking the AMT since 2009 in cooperation with IBM since the 275 authorization generated from IBM patents, 92 independent intellectual property patents and nearly 1000 non patented proprietary technology were formally transferred to the Jiangsu Huaian. 

    AMT company has been supported by IBM and IBM, have the honor to this international semiconductor giant to join hands to develop cutting-edge technology, and has become the only company to obtain international intellectual property licensing company in advanced storage industry, is also the only company IBM global cooperation in the field of PCM; especially in the current complex changing political and economic environment, AMT as a China company can obtain the top technology is not easy.

    AMT in the development process, especially by the Huaian City, Huaiyin district and state-level high-tech zones support. Huaian municipal Party committee secretary Yao Xiaodong said at the ceremony, in recent years, Huaian city in depth implementation of industrial strong city strategy, and vigorously cultivate the modern industrial system represented by the electronic information industry. AMT transfers the intellectual property rights of phase change to Huaian, which is a win-win cooperation with complementary advantages and mutual benefits for enterprises and local governments.

     Huaian city will continue to AMT company to provide thoughtful and meticulous service in Huai investment development, further shaping the waiter, the door of the flow in the 101 "brand image. Huaiyin party secretary Liu Zeyu spoke at the ceremony, also stressed that the Huaiyin area will be closely linked to the demand, to aim at the forefront, seize the momentum, clear-cut to encourage innovation and support innovation, support AMT, promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation and technological innovation ability raise.

    Today's signing ceremony has far-reaching significance and provides a powerful accelerator for China's semiconductor industry. It is a crucial step for Huaian's semiconductor industry to push ahead in the world.


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Copy of 2018 Huai’an International Semiconductor Industry Forum Closed Successfully



A phase change memory intellectual property transfer storage product development Huaian signing JNU cooperation ceremony held successfully

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