The morning of May 24, 2017, vice mayor of Huaian city Zhao Quan and municipal office personnel, Planning Bureau, environmental protection bureau, tax bureau and other departments in the line leading to accompany a leader and Zhao Hongtao Shaohuai sang high tech Zone under the visit AMT company Huaian office, storage phase change memory of era core municipal government to support key projects -- the AMT company (PCM) the project was investigated. The company participated in the reception work under the leadership of the vice chairman, Dr. Guo, Dr. Zou Yebo and two directors of Xing meng.

    The Mayor Zhao under the auspices of talent, taxation, planning and environmental protection departments and AMT company on the municipal government on the company's support and cooperation mode and details and current problems and challenges facing the content of full communication. At the meeting, Mayor Zhao urged all departments to continue to deepen their support for the AMT company and to solve any problems as soon as possible.

    AMT company as a leading semiconductor company in the world to a new generation of PCM memory technology, China is the only one at the same time, master the PCM R & D and production enterprises, has been vigorously support the Huaian municipal government of Jiangsu. AMT hopes to seize the global semiconductor memory market share with its strong strength and strong support from the government, and ultimately help China semiconductor memory industry "corner overtaking"".

    At present, the company's PCM project is under construction in full swing. It is expected that the product will be offline in the third quarter of 2018.


Huaian municipal Party committee secretary Yao Xiaodong led Huaian major project supervision team to inspect the PCM project site of AMT company
Huaian era core deposit funds began to gradually implement



Huaian municipal government leaders visit AMT

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