“In the midst of coming summer,pomegranate flowers blossoming with vigor and vitality, waiting to be harvested .” On June 7, 2018, Academician Xieming visited AMS again to instruct the team. He inspected the clean room area and then other departments around the factory; and then hosted a round table with key management team,and listened to vice-president of production, Alan Su’s briefing on manufacturing process and the progress on pilot production .

Mr.Xie commented that he was very excited on what he has seen and heard since his last visit two months ago. The beautiful environment of the factory, the talents gathered in the company and the progress made in the pilot preparation of production, are all inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing the products by the first quarter of 2019. At that time, the phase change memory products with China self-developed proprietary intellectual property , will occupy an outstanding place in the world memory field. Everyone who faced this challenge and contributed will be filled with the sense of achievement and honor.

Academician Xie visited the clean room area   Academician Xie chatted with the team

Academician Xie hosted the round table


Mr. Jiang Shangyi inspect AMS
The PCM project of AMS entered the national development strategy



Welcome United States National Academy of Engineering, Academician Xieming to Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Ltd.(AMS) pay an instructional visit

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