5th of May, 2019, AMS grandly held the ceremony of 《AMTers》starting. All the staff of the company took part in the activity.

 (The ceremony of 《AMTers》starting)


Mr. Zhang long, the chairman of the board of directors, as the editor-in-chief of 《AMTers》, first made a speech. He said, the era of continuous development and growth, accumulated too many excellent culture and spirit. The purpose of the publication is to create a platform for summary, communication, display and innovation, so as to refine and condense the wisdom of people in the era over the years. In the dream of building a century-old science and technology enterprise, we will continuously accumulate, surpass, inherit and carry forward. Next, the contributor, on behalf of director Chen qijin, introduced the process knowledge of phase change memory (PCM).

 (Chairman’s note)

(Contributor Chen qijin’s presentation)


Leaders at the director level and above then signed a copy of 《AMTers》, which will be kept in the company as a souvenir.

Zhang long, chairman of the board, Ben B.J.Tsenggeneral manager of AMS,Zou yebo, director of AMT, and Peter Sai, executive deputy general manager of AMS, then distributed the edition to employees' representatives.

 (Mr. Zhang long, chairman of the board, distributed 《AMTers》to the staff representatives.)

(Ben B.J.Tseng distributed AMTersto the staff representatives.)

(Zou yebo distributed AMTersto the staff representatives.)

(Peter Saiexecutive deputy general manager of AMS distributed AMTersto the staff representatives.)


Finally, Ben B.J.Tseng, general manager of AMS, made a concluding speech. He hoped that all employees of the company could actively participate in the contribution of 《AMTers》, learn about real-time news, pay attention to interesting things around them, and express their feelings with words, which would shine in the 《AMTers》.

After the ceremony, the staff distributed the《AMTers》as a souvenir for each employee.


13 experts of AMS attended China International Semiconductor Technology Conference
AMS held the ISO system certification project launch conference



AMS held the ceremony of《AMTers》starting

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