May 29, 2019, Liu yueke, secretary of the standing committee of nanjing municipal party committee, discipline inspection commission of nanjing city and director of nanjing supervisory commission, and her team went to nanjing and huai’an to conduct research on the hook cooperation project of jiangsu advanced memory semiconductor co., LTD. (AMS) Zhou fengqin, secretary of municipal standing committee, commission for discipline inspection and acting director of the commission, Liu zeyu, secretary of huaiyin district party committee, secretary of huaian high-tech zone party work committee, director of the management committee and other leaders accompanied the investigation.


Liu yueyke and his team visited AMS exhibition room, clean room and advanced production facilities, and listened to Dr. Zou yebo, director of jiangsu advanced memory technology co., LTD., talking about the company's production, operation, market prospect, technological breakthroughs and future development.


AMT scientific research institute was established and the first batch of academicians were born.
AMS was invited to participate in the award ceremony of the industrial strong base memory one-stop demonstration enterprise



Liu yueke, secretary of discipline inspection commission of nanjing, went to AMS for guidance and research

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