December is cold with heavy snow, however it could not block the heat and excitement of the human heart in jiangsu advanced memory semiconductor co., LTD (AMS). The first batch of the "one-stop" application "demonstration enterprises" and "demonstration projects" for key products of China's industrial base strengthening project have been published on the website of the ministry of industry and information technology. AMS and its PCM project both enter the market, and it is the only IDM enterprise that can integrate r&d and production in the new generation (the fourth generation) in China.


The fourth generation memory technology represented by PCM is the development direction and mainstream of world memory. Semiconductor giants INTEL, micron and samsung have all mastered the technology, and INTEL and micron have begun mass production and will gradually replace DRAM and 3D NAND. The third-generation technologies represented by DRAM and 3D NAND have been developed for nearly 40 years and are close to the physical and electrical limits. Most importantly, its intellectual property rights have been monopolized by several major international memory producers, forming insurmountable barriers. The recent jinhua incident further proves that China has little chance to develop the third generation storage. AMS and its PCM project have been incorporated into the national strategy, demonstrating the country's understanding of the development direction of the integrated circuit industry in the future.


Welcome United States National Academy of Engineering, Academician Xieming to Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Ltd.(AMS) pay an instructional visit
AMT is moving towards capital markets



The PCM project of AMS entered the national development strategy

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