On January 26, 2019, with the theme of "Insistence, harmony, and forging ahead into a new era", liliji group's Spring Festival 2018 annual meeting was grandly held in huai 'an city celebrity hotel. Everyone gathered together and shared a feast to witness the remarkable achievements of the group in the past year and looked forward to the expectations and future of the New Year.


At 1:30 PM, leaders, guests and employees of the group, more than 400 participants were present one after another. We talked about friendship with happy and laughter. With the enthusiastic opening of the host and the broadcasting of the group's promotional video, the 2018 annual meeting of Lilliput group was officially launched in a warm atmosphere.


(the host delivered the opening speech)


At the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang long, chairman of board of directors, first delivered the opening speech. He said: the busy 2018 has passed. Thanks to the efforts of all the staff of the group, great achievements have been achieved. He hoped all the staff will continue to work hard and successfully complete all the work objectives in 2019, and wish you a happy New Year.

Subsequently, Mr. Yang jianhui and Mr. Chung H. Lam, directors of jiangsu advanced memory technology co., LTD. (AMT), also brought New Year wishes to everyone.


(chairman Zhanglongs opening speech)

(director of AMT, Mr. Yang jianhuis speech)

(director of AMT,Mr. Chung H. Lams speech)


This year, the group emerged a number of outstanding staff. The group gave them generous awards. They were excellent managers, excellent employees and newly appointed leaders. The annual meeting also unveiled the nameplate of jiangsu advanced memory technology co., LTD and basketball association——ABA. Then the winners and best cheerleaders and best referee of the 3-on-3 basketball and football matches over the past two months received their award and gave their acceptance speeches.


(Award ceremony for outstanding managers)

(Award ceremony for outstanding employees)

(unveiling ceremony of AMT)

(general manager of AMS, Xingmeng, declared the opening ceremony)

(The chairman presented a certificate to the newly appointed leader)

(Third place in the basketball match——directors team)

(second place in the basketball match——synthesis team)

(basketball champion——photoetching team)

(unveiling ceremony of ABA)


The following annual meetings were full of wonderful programs, including folk dances, sketches, poetry recitations, free talk, fashion shows, modern dance, fluorescent dance, magic and singing performances. It showed our positive, youthful and energetic mental outlook. Performers use their talent and youth positive energy to bring us a gluttonous feast. The lottery is even more exciting. There were a total of 28 prizes such as Lenovo computer, iPad, iWatch, huawei mobile phone and electric toothbrush. The rich prizes make everyone on the scene excited and excited. Finally, all the managers of AMS and the leaders of the group sang the finale song "my motherland and I" and the artistic performance was completed successfully.


(Dance "celebrate and inspire")

(sketch the smiling proud wanderer)

(Chinese-style dance spring chant)

(Poetry recitation the whole river red, time praises)

(folk dance and classical umbrella show blue and white porcelain)

(free talk “The four great talents of jiangnan”)

(dance “naluone celebrate year)

(piano accompany)

(dance good time)

(fashion show Chinese style—— Changes in the past four decades of reform and opening up)

(sketch on the bus)

(chorus true heroes)

(living theater true and fake Tang bohu)

(sketch eating noodles)

(singing meeting young friends)

(chorus the champion of the world)

(folk dance water color)

(fluorescent dance)

(magic show disappeared cola)

(singing at this time)

(chorus "my motherland and I")


Looking back at 2018, we fought and struggled together. Looking ahead to 2019, we look forward to a new era of perseverance, harmony and progress.


Beijing research and development center of AMT held a relocation ceremony
AI Chip Technical Discussion Meeting



Insistence, harmony, forging ahead into a new era------The 2018 annual meeting of Liliji company was held successfully

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