On June 26, 2019, Jiangsu Memory Technology Co., Ltd. (AMT) held the ISO system certification launch meeting. Mr. Zhang Xiangbang, Director of AMT, and manager representative Wang Jianqun, vice president,led the leaders and employees of various departments to participate in this launching ceremony. The convening of this conference marks the official launch of the ISO system certification activities, which will improve the management system and accelerate the development of the company's marketization.

At the meeting, the chairman of the board, Zhang Xiangbang, first expressed his opinion and encouraged everyone. He said that in the ISO system management, the enterprise process emphasizes the participation of all employees and the continuous improvement in the process. For the management principles of ISO, we must learn and use, and always pay attention to customer requirements. Through high-level support, appropriate decision-making, and joint efforts, we can improve the efficiency of our products and make us competitive in the market. The ISO system is becoming more and more complete. After the company reaches a certain scale, the implementation of ISO will bring benefits to the company, reduce the error rate, and improve the operational performance will increase profits. For R&D activities, we must use ISO principles flexibly. We must not be rigid. We must carefully understand every aspect of ISO so that we can win higher customer evaluations with better customer service.

(AMT Quality policy)

After the launch of the AMT ISO system certification project ceremony, the chairman of the meeting, Zhang Xiangbang, on behalf of the general manager, authorized Wang Jianqun as the deputy general manager of the AMT ISO quality system management representative. Vice President Wang Jianqun delivered a speech. He said that now is a competitive market, using the comprehensive management and high-level participation of QMS quality system to provide better management decisions, will bring better products and better returns for the company.

(Authorized appointment ceremony)

(Manager's representative, vice president, Wang Jianqun speaking)

The start of the ISO system project is an important work item of AMT in the year. Under the guidance of the quality management system, ISO will improve the management system and production mode of the enterprise. The ISO activities are attended by all employees, carefully studied, understood and strictly implemented in accordance with ISO standards. Through our core technical capabilities, we are engaged in the development and design of technologies and products. We expect employees to focus on customer satisfaction, ensure product development and design, quality and process control accuracy, and lay a solid foundation for our research and development, production and sales, and create more advanced research and development results.

Under the active, efficient and pragmatic work of the quality assurance unit and all employees, AMT will work together to establish quality procedures and operation specifications for the company, improve the management system, and successfully complete the certification. Upon completion, AMT will operate more efficiently, meet government regulations, enter the market, and improve core competitiveness. We will make every effort to seize opportunities and innovate. 

Subsequently, Vice President Wang Jianqun led everyone to read the AMT quality policy. Everyone signed the quality policy poster and left a photo, which symbolizes the official launch of the ISO event.

(Chairman Zhang Xiangbang signed the quality policy)

(Manager representative Wang Jianqun, deputy general manager signed the quality policy)


We will continue to enhance employees' awareness of quality, let all employees make unremitting efforts to improve, continuously improve quality, ensure the quality of products and services, and ensure that customers are fully satisfied.


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AMT ISO System Certification Launch Conference

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