On July 2, 2019, the Director of industry and information technology department of Jiangsu, Mr. Xie Zhicheng, and other people visited the Jiangsu Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) to investigate.


(third on the right, Mr. Xie Zhicheng; forth on the right, chairman Mr. Zhanglong)


Mr. Xie and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall, then visited the advanced production equipment and production workshops, and finally went to the company's large conference room to discuss in depth the product technical support source, research and development direction, research and development team, product sales, upstream and downstream customers and Sino-US trade warfare, the impact and opportunities of enterprise development and so on. Mr. Zhang Long, Chairman of AMS, introduced to Xie Director and others that the company has established a phase-change memory (PCM) for the fourth generation of storage products since 2009. After ten years of introduction, digestion and independent innovation, it has become the only company in China that has complete intellectual property rights and independently masters the R&D technology and production process of PCM memory. After listening to the introduction and report, Mr. Xie expressed his appreciation for the vision of PCM and the company's adherence to the road of scientific and technological innovation, and expressed that he will give more attention and support to jointly promote the vigorous development of the PCM field.


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Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu Came to AMS to Investigate

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