On July 24, 2019, 17 Taiwanese employees of Jiangsu Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) were invited to participate in the party building construction activities jointly organized by the Huaiyin District Health and Health Committee and the Overseas Chinese Federation. And visited Huaiyin Hospital, Aier Eye Hospital, Huaiyin District Stomatological Hospital, Huaiyin Chinese Medicine Hospital and Maternal and Child Health Hospital.



Huaiyin Hospital



Aier Eye Hospital


Huaiyin District Stomatological Hospital


Health and Wellness 

Committee Party Building

 Activity Room


Huaiyin Chinese Medicine Hospital


Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The responsible persons of each hospital enthusiastically introduced the hospital's characteristic culture, hospital construction and operation and advanced medical facilities to Taiwan employees, and explained in detail the hospital treatment process and how to use medical insurance. After the visit, Taiwanese employees expressed their admiration for the scale of the local establishment and expressed their appreciation for the hospitals providing quality and convenient services to the public.


The visit fully reflected the local government's emphasis on Taiwan compatriots' medical security and the company's concern for improving the health of employees. At the same time, the local government indicated that it will continue to increase management and improve service standards to provide more protection on improving the medical environment, medical quality and other areas.


Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu Came to AMS to Investigate
Secretary Yao and mayor cai respectively led the team to AMS to observe the major projects on site.



AMS 17 Taiwanese employees were invited to visit local hospitals

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