(Summer Social Practice Team)

On August 2, 2019, Fang Yinshui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electronic Science and Technology,  Xiamen University, Han Haixiong, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Associate Professor Li Weiwen led the summer social practice team to visit Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS). The delegation of the Standing Committee of the Huaiyin District Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department Ge Yuhai, the deputy head of the district, the head of the Science and Technology Mayor, Ding Guosheng, and the Vice Minister of the Organization Department Wu Yahui and other leaders accompanied the research.


It is reported that the Ministry of Education issued a document saying that it officially approved the feasibility study report of the "National Integrated Circuit of Integrated Circuits for Production and Education" undertaken by Xiamen University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University. The implementation period will be from 2019 to 2021.

(AMS big meeting room   From right: Fang Yinshui, Li Weiwen, Han Haixiong, Ding Guosheng)


Fang Yinshui and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall; then visited the advanced production equipment and production workshop; finally came to the company's large conference room for in-depth exchanges. Secretary Fang first introduced the scale of Xiamen's integrated circuit industry, the college's innovative platform for building integrated circuits of integrated circuits, and the importance of cultivating more balanced talents closer to the needs of the industry. Later, Secretary Han said that the platform construction is inseparable from the active participation of leading enterprises in the industry. The enterprise "production" and the school "teaching" are inseparable. He hoped to establish an integrated circuit talent training base with AMS and work together to cultivate talents. Xing Meng, the deputy general manager of AMS, said that he is very welcome and looking forward to the students from Xiamen University joining AMS, and said that he will provide salary support, social security, accommodation and other welfare support for the intern students.


Secretary Yao and mayor cai respectively led the team to AMS to observe the major projects on site.
2019 Huaian International Semiconductor Industry Forum and AMT PCM Product Announcement Closed Successfully



People from Xiamen University visited AMS to exchange

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