Morning, September 25, 2019

Zhang Long, Chairman of Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Co., Ltd. (AMT) and Ben B.J. Tseng, General manager of Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) led a team to inspect product sales team of Shenzhen AMT. On the afternoon of September 25 to 26, 2019, they visited ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Jiangbolong Electronics Co., Ltd. for cooperation and negotiation.


On the meeting

Ben B.J. Tseng, General manager of AMS introduced to the heads of the three companies that the company launched the first phase-change-based product "EEPROM" in August this year and R&D design of high-capacity 3D products that will enter the market next year. He introduced the advantages of phase change memory (PCM) in the new memory in terms of compatibility. It can not only lose power like NAND flash memory, but also save the speed as DRAM. As a new generation of storage technology, it will become the preferred high-speed storage medium in the future and can be widely applied to mobile phones, TVs, and USB flash drives.


After introduction

The head of ZTE Corporation said that ZTE is the world's leading provider of integrated communication solutions, the largest listed company in China's communications equipment. The company has adopted Intel Optane Memory H10 when it cooperates with Intel to promote 5G network. It hopes to jointly innovate with AMS in the future, and strengthen cooperation in image processing, cloud computing and data storage with new phase change storage technology.

The person in charge of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said that Huawei has been the number one player in the global communications equipment for many years. Huawei Mobile has become the world's second largest carrier. With the advent of the 5G era and the rise of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the demand for memory in terms of reading speed, security and reliability has been greatly enhanced. It is hoped that it will be able to communicate closely and deepen cooperation in memory.

The leader of Jiang Bolong Electronics Co., Ltd. said that Jiang Bolong Electronics is a high-tech multinational company with storage as its core. It is hoped that we will establish an excellent cooperative relationship with AMS, and through in-depth cooperation, we will aggregate the resources of the industrial chain to achieve joint innovation and business win-win.


Zhang Long, Chairman of AMT, went to Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct research
Preventing dangers from "burning", ensuring safety, and all AMS and Huaiyin District Fire Brigade jointly carry out disaster relief drills



Zhang Long, Chairman of AMT and Ben B.J. Tseng, General manager of AMS led a team to inspect Shenzhen AMT and went to ZTE, Huawei and Jiangbolong Electronics for cooperation and negotiation.

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