AMS Joint fire drill


On October 23, 2019, Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) organized a joint disaster relief drill and invited the Huaiyin District Fire Brigade to participate in the exercise and guidance to strengthen familiarity with chemical warehouse emergency handling procedures, improve emergency management, and coordinate disaster relief procedures and capabilities with external fire protection units.


Exercise simulation scenario


The simulation scenario of the exercise was a fire in the organic chemical warehouse of the Class A warehouse in the factory. The Emergency Response Center (ERC) immediately broadcasted and evacuated the personnel in the area and set up an Emergency Response Team (ERT) to organize the rescue, rescue the wounded and hand it over to the ambulance station. But the fire can not be extinguished because of the rapid spread of fire, so ERC immediately informed the fire brigade support while continuing to prevent and prevent protection measures.


ERT organized rescue


Subsequently, fire officers and firefighters arrived at the exercise site. After understanding the disaster situation, the fire brigade assessed the disaster relief plan and assigned the team members to the scene. The firefighters and ERT jointly sprinkled the Class A warehouse, and the disaster was effectively controlled


Fire brigade understands the disaster.


After the exercise


Executive Vice President Cai Mingxian commented on the exercise. He said that the players treated the exercise in a practical state of mind, obeyed the command and responded positively. The entire exercise process was carried out rigorously and orderly, achieving the expected results.

Xing Meng, executive vice president, said that the exercise has accumulated experience in the coordination of AMS emergency rescue with the fire brigade. It must continuously accumulate experience, effectively respond to emergency response capabilities, prevent problems before they occur, and provide a strong guarantee for the safe production of enterprises.



Zhang Long, Chairman of AMT and Ben B.J. Tseng, General manager of AMS led a team to inspect Shenzhen AMT and went to ZTE, Huawei and Jiangbolong Electronics for cooperation and negotiation.
Secretary of Huaiyin District Party Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Huai'an High-tech Zone, Director of Management Committee, Dong Guoxi, led the team to visit AMS



Preventing dangers from "burning", ensuring safety, and all AMS and Huaiyin District Fire Brigade jointly carry out disaster relief drills

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