On November 19, 2019, Zhang Ying, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Beijing North Huachuang Microelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd., and Li Jiayang, Deputy Director of the President's Office, came to AMS to discuss cooperation. AMT Chief Technology Officer Lin Zhonghan and AMS Executive Deputy General Manager Xing Meng warmly welcomed them.


Mr. Zhang and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall, then visited the advanced production equipment and production workshop, and finally the two sides had a friendly cooperation negotiation. Executive Deputy General Manager Xing Meng first introduced to them that the company was established in 2009. After ten years of introduction, digestion, and independent innovation, this year it launched the first 2 megabit phase change memory EEPROM based on phase change materials— "puyuan 611 ". It is currently the only company in China that has complete intellectual property rights and independently masters the R & D technology and production process of PCM. Chief Technology Officer Mr. Chung Lam introduced the product delivery and second product launch conference to be held in December, as well as the research and development design of future products.


After introduction

Mr. Zhang said that North Huachuang Microelectronic is currently a leading company in the domestic high-end integrated circuit technology equipment. Its main products include etching, physical meteorological deposition (PVD), chemical meteorological deposition (CVD), oxidation / diffusion, cleaning, annealing and other high-end semiconductor process equipment and core components. The 14nm plasma silicon etching machine, monolithic annealing system and LPCVD independently developed by it have successfully entered mainstream IC foundries. AMS holds a leading position in domestic phase change memory technology, and hopes that the two sides can reach a long-term friendly cooperative relationship to promote the technological progress of the phase change memory industry. Let AMS enter the world stage as a leading company, and jointly lead the future of the "Made in China" PCM industry.


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Leaders of Beijing North Huachuang Microelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. came to AMS for cooperation and negotiation

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