At 19:00 on November 20th, in order to strengthen the staff's ability to respond to emergencies and quickly and orderly evacuate the scene, familiar with the evacuation routes, assembly locations and roll-call procedures, Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) administration Office, Ministry of Environmental Safety and Health, and Factory Affairs Department jointly organized a fire evacuation drill for staff dormitory buildings.


Simulation scene


The exercise simulates the automatic triggering of a fire alarm caused by a fire in the dormitory building 5-118.

First, all personnel in the dormitory building were evacuated in an orderly manner and evacuated to the outdoors quickly;

Subsequently, security personnel checked layer by layer if anyone was stranded;


Personnel inventory

The Ministry of Environmental Safety and Health organized the evacuation of personnel to name and sign to ensure that all personnel in the building were evacuated.


This exercise, whether it is emergency response or personnel evacuation, can fulfill the duties of each position, close to actual combat and realistically simulate the entire fire emergency evacuation process of the dormitory building. This activity effectively strengthened the staff's ability to evacuate the disaster site and familiarized themselves with the evacuation route, achieving the expected purpose.


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AMS Holds Fire Evacuation Exercise In Staff Dormitory Building

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