On January 8, 2020, Chairman Zhang Long hosted the first production and operation meeting in 2020. A total of 15 people from AMT and AMS director level and above attended the meeting. 


The chairman first summarized that while company is shortage of funds in 2019, all employees worked together to complete the first product-"Pu yuan 611" in August 2019, and the second product "Pu yuan 622" was completed in December 2019. And the first product is delivered to the manufacturer in batch production. This is the result of all employees' cooperation and hard work. The chairman also proposed the main goal of 2020: to transform existing products into products that can bring benefits to the company. In order to achieve this goal, the chairman requires us to unite as one, seriously solve every problem, and work together to improve every aspect of R & D and production. The participants then summarized the achievements and problems of the department in 2019, and made plans and requirements around the work goals of 2020.


After listening to the summary of each department, the chairman made a concluding speech, deployed specific targets for 2020, and proposed the following rectification plans and valuable opinions on the problems existing in enterprises and departments:


1. In response to the problem of poor communication between the R & D department and the production department in the past year, the chairman requested that the participants in the production R & D meeting should communicate face-to-face, and asked Mr. Wang Jianqun, the deputy general manager of AMS, to go to the AMS factory monthly to communicate and coordinate to solve the problem;


2. Mr. Ben Tseng, the general manager of AMS, because he works in Taiwan most of the time, Dr. Zhu Yu, the special assistant of the general manager, performed the duties of the general manager of AMS while Tseng was not in the AMS factory. At the same time, Dr. Zhu Yu was appointed as the project leader of the existing production research and development project to coordinate and strengthen the effective communication between production and research and development to ensure that the project progressed steadily as planned;


3. The company will evaluate and reward the company's inventions, creations and process innovations that bring huge benefits to the company.


We believe that under the leadership of the chairman and the joint efforts of all employees, we will certainly be able to achieve the 2020 overall goal set by the chairman and create a more brilliant tomorrow!


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The first production and operation meeting in 2020

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