On February 26, 2020, Chairman Zhang Long hosted the sixth meeting of the Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) Epidemic Prevention Command Emergency Team, summarize the previous stage of epidemic prevention work, and plan to advance the next step of comprehensive epidemic prevention work.


1. Chairman Zhang Long deploys follow-up work

1. According to the national epidemic prevention and control situation and the recommendations of the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Committee, and in combination with the company's actual production conditions, the company decided that employees other than Hubei nationals will resume work on March 2;

2. Resumption of work does not represent the end of the epidemic. It is necessary to continue to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work and carry out a series of follow-up epidemic prevention work in an orderly manner.

3. The Chinese government s efforts in epidemic prevention and control and its demonstrated ability to organize and mobilize are unprecedented in global health history. It's difficult for other countries to do it, so we should face it rationally, keep calm and don't panic. The heads of various departments do a good job of employees' ideological work, and do not believe or spread rumors;

4. After inspecting the company's epidemic prevention and control work, city and district leaders expressed their full affirmation of AMS's epidemic prevention measures and requested the AMS epidemic prevention measures as the city's benchmark promotion.


  2. Xing Meng, leader of the epidemic prevention and control team, made specific work implementation matters

Xing Meng, the leader of the epidemic prevention and control command team, said that the company has formed a set of effective epidemic prevention measures, but we must not relax. We must further strengthen the strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures, especially the upcoming comprehensive work day. The company will also welcome new employees to join the post. Each department will need to educate the new and old employees on epidemic prevention and control during the morning meeting. At the same time, the company will also issue an "outbreak prevention manual" for all employees.


Today, plum blossoms are on the banks of the Yangtze River. Although the number of new cases is still increasing, no severe winter is insurmountable, and spring is coming towards us step by step!


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