At about 2 pm on February 11, 2020, the new mayor of Huai'an Chen Zhichang made a light trip and drove to Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) under the drizzle to inspect and guide the work. Wang Sujun, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, Chen Zhang, Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone, and Zhou Qingsong accompanied the inspection and guidance.


AMS attaches great importance to Mayor Chen's inspection guidance, and is meticulous in preventing epidemics. From the disinfection of vehicles entering the factory, to the temperature detection of entering the office building, disinfection of alcohol on the hands, etc., are performed in accordance with the company's prevention and control regulations.


Mayor Chen and his party first visited the company exhibition hall. Chairman Zhang Long introduced relevant pictures, video materials, patents, product content, etc. in the company hall. After that, Mayor Chen and his party visited the company's production workshop. In the tour channel, Liu Chunfeng, the director of the production department, introduced the company's production equipment, process, and procedures for personnel to enter and exit the clean room. In the end, Mayor Chen and his party had a lively discussion in the company's conference room; the company's chairman Zhang Long, executive vice president Xing Meng, general manager assistant Zhu Yu, executive vice president Cai Mingxian and others attended the discussion. Participants are arranged in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control, such as spacing, ventilation, disinfection and other measures.


At the symposium, Chairman Zhang Long personally introduced Mayor Chen's development history, product planning, talent strategy, and technological advantages in the form of a PPT. He reported to Mayor Chen and his party on difficulties encountered in the development of the company and suggestions for the future development of integrated circuits in Huaian. Mayor Chen listened very carefully and asked questions of concern from time to time. The meeting coincided with the company's global R & D conference held in the Hsinchu office in Taiwan. On the video connection, the general manager of AMS Ben Tseng helped introduce Mayor Chen to the participants. Mayor Chen greeted everyone cordially. Afterwards, Mayor Chen Zhang also introduced the epidemic prevention and control work in the district and the development of wise chip Town.


Finally, Mayor Chen made a concluding speech. First of all, he highly evaluated the AMS epidemic prevention situation and highly affirmed the company's standardized management. He also requested that the AMS epidemic prevention measures be promoted as a benchmark in the city. Secondly, mayor Chen fully affirmed huaiyin district's previous work and efforts in the development of integrated electricity industry, and made it clear that huaian should develop the industry, making the integrated circuit industry bigger and stronger is a good development direction. The city will actively research and deploy, support the advancement and emphasize the development of AMS, which is of great significance to Huai'an and the country. Second, to the company's current difficulties, instruct the Huaiyin District and the High-tech Zone to implement the solution as soon as possible.


Mayor Chen actively developed the economy of Huaian while actively preventing and controlling the epidemic. Yesterday was the first day of full-scale construction of enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Today, they went to the company to inspect and guide, which shows that the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to AMS. With the strong support of the government, AMS will certainly overcome the epidemic and vigorously develop.


AMT quality management system passed ISO 9001-2015 Phase 2 review
Huaiyin District Party Committee Secretary Dong Guoxi led his team to AMS to investigate epidemic prevention and control work



Epidemic prevention and control is not lax, economic development is not relaxed——Huai'an Mayor Chen Zhichang visited AMS to guide the work

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