On February 17, 2020, Dong Guoxi, secretary of the Huaiyin District Party Committee, led a team to visit Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) to investigate the resumption of production and the company's epidemic prevention work.


AMS gate staff strictly measures the temperature of personnel entering the company and disinfects the vehicles in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention. Executive Deputy General Manager Xing Meng reported to the secretary Dong the company's epidemic prevention and control work. He said that the company carried out the deployment and implementation of epidemic prevention work on January 21, and has reserved sufficient medical equipment and medical materials in advance, fully implemented the epidemic prevention and control work with sufficient preparations, and carried out the follow-up work in an orderly manner. On January 28, the company set up an "Epidemics Prevention and Control Command Team" to actively plan manpower arrangements and record control, forming a situation of co-management of epidemic prevention and production.


Secretary Dong affirmed the advance deployment, full preparation, and strict control of AMS, and spoke highly of the company's production safety operations, while affirming the company's development speed and achievements. In the end, Secretary Dong hoped that the company's AMS would continue to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures and work safety requirements to ensure employee health and production stability. At the same time, he said that AMS as a key enterprise in Huai'an High-tech Zone, must continuously improve its ability to innovate independently, increase product research and development, accelerate high-quality development, and contribute its own strength to the realization of China's "chip" dream.


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Huaiyin District Party Committee Secretary Dong Guoxi led his team to AMS to investigate epidemic prevention and control work

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