Global R & D Center

AMT Overall layout:

    With headquarter in Huaian, Jiangsu Province in China, AMT has several branch R&D centers in the USA, Taiwan and Beijing with a strong R&D team. AMT Research and Development Team consists of experts and PhDs, who come from many leading companies in the semiconductor industry; Siemens, IBM, AMD, Micron, Hynix (Korea), TSMC (Taiwan), UMC (Taiwan), etc. This multinational and cross-culture technical platform assembles the elites, with its varied R&D functions and advantages of different regions. It forms  a global development and intellectual property development and protection system, which allows AMT to stay in a leading position.

    The company has an engineering testing laboratory, a system development laboratory and a process research laboratory. At present, the established laboratory is directly oriented to 55 nanometer technology, and meets the engineering applications of 45 nanometer and 28 nanometer. This kind of engineering laboratory is only owned by large international wafer foundries and a few integrated circuit design companies, and is in a leading position in the world. The research and development center is open to universities and research institutes.

Hong Kong: Neuromorphic R&D center

New York: Product R&D center

Tai Wan: Process R&D center

Beijing: Transformation of overseas R&D results

Huaian: Forwarding all R&D results to Huaian headquarter.

Taiwan R&D Center

Hong Kong R & D Center

Beijing R&D Center

Huaian R&D Headquarter

US R&D Center