Business planning 


    AMT's future business plan mainly includes four aspects of products and services:

    First, the sales of PCM memory and related products. This part of the product mainly includes three aspects, early middle and low volume products, target customers as enterprise users; In the medium term, large-capacity products, including the 8g-64g replacement of DRAM PCRAM products and more than 128gb of large-capacity products; The long-term development of neural networks as the core of more intelligent memory.

    Second, the factory produces income. At huaian plant for AMT, the first factory to produce AMT in the early and mid products, due to the storage market is a huge market, AMT will work closely with other local governments in the future, to enjoy the factory profit distribution.

    The third is MCU embedded. PCM technology widely in application, especially for the application of MCU, known as MCU is a huge market, at present, the company cooperation with tsinghua university, China electronic unit, it is the application of MCU, this business will bring huge returns for the company.

    Fourth, intellectual property authorization business. In the future market and the products will be based on PCM is extremely rich, AMT in upstream of the position will be based on the authorization of the secondary development of PCM enterprises, so that they have the ability development of terminal products, the company will obtain huge benefits from the intellectual property rights.


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