Intellectual property 

In 2009, AMS cooperated with IBM in research and development, and now it has obtained 275 patents permanently authorized by IBM, 95 invention patents obtained by the company, and now it is applying for more than 260 patents for invention. It is the only company in China that has obtained PCM storage technology and has its own research and development and production capacity, which fills the relevant gaps of its r&d and manufacturer in storagein China.



IBM as an international well-known manufacturers, is in the field of PCM storage technology advantage. As AMS long-term partners, in terms of technology and patent, it provides us with a positive protection measures to ensure reliability of the AMS technology source and the related technologies and patents in the field of security, making the AMS in PCM storage areas in the domestic leading position.

    At the same time, the AMS using four research and development centers, which distributed in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tsinghua university and other colleges and scientific research institutions of cooperation to form a strong talent and knowledge reserves and have complete independent research and development ability. We also set up special intellectual property department, in terms of patent application, protection and use good correlation work and make the AMS in the field of PCM storage patents and effectively protect intellectual property rights. And it provides continuous support for the new patent and the inexhaustible power, overtaking China chip implementation corner in the world for the future lay a solid foundation.